Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top ten things you need to do after buying your Xolo Q800

1. Root and Custom Recovery: Obviously. This would the first step anyone has to do. For those who don’t know what is rooted phone and recovery partition, you could to the link for more info. But any mediocre or pro android user would consider this as the “mother” step towards modifying your device. Recovery is something you will require for and ever.
PS : While installing Recovery, I would recommend all of you to go for TWRP rather than CWM 

How To : Installing CWM and TWRP Recovery

2. Backing up your Stock ROM : Wondering what a ROM is ? Well to keep it simple it is somewhat like the OS of your comp. Once you have your Recovery Installed. The first thing you have to do is BACKUP your Stock ROM. This Backup will be helpful if you damage your device(software) or what is usually called as soft bricked your phone. This Backing up of your ROM is also called NANDROID BACKUP.

How To: It is very simple. Go to your Recovery mode. Select Backup. And well backup your ROM !! 

3. CUSTOM ROM : Well this had to be the third. CUSTOM ROM are basically modified ROM. They have many goodies pre-installed. There are many CUSTOM ROM available in this forum. But for now the best has been ULTIMATE V1 by themed by Brajesh. 

How To: Just go to thread of any custom rom and you will find the instructions. 

4. Modding or Modifying ROM : This is also a very nice feature. Here we basically edit the ROMs internal stuff to our own choice so as to make it better. XOLO Q800 is an awesome mobile, but in one this i.e. MUSIC … it has let down. But well not to worry. Many MODs have been uploaded to improve music, display, performance etc. 


1. AC!D Sound Mod : I guess this has been the most common and best mod for audio 

2. Sony Bravia Engine 2 + Album + Movie 

3. Change bootanimation

5. Minor Tweaking: Here you basically change and uninstall some crappy system apps and other unwanted stuff. I found two apps perfect for this

Titanium Backup (Pro) 
Android Tweaker (Pro)

6. Root Access Browsing and Exploring: Well this is one of the main feature of rooting. You can access to the root of your phone. By doing this you can change your boot animation, boot sound, default font, Edit BUILD.prop ( This is very common while modding .. Google it for more info)etc. For this you need root explorer 

APP : ES File Explorer

7. Apps and Data backup : Well this is very common backup. It is basically copying all your files,apps and their data ,so that you can recover later .. Well undoubtedly the ultimate app for this is TITANIUM BACK UP (root is must) and even there is one more app MY BACKUP (root not necessary) . 

8. INSTALLING SOME TOP CLASS/USEFUL APPS : My list . These are just for general day to day purpose.

• Adobe Reader
• Avast Antivirus
• All-in-one Toolbox
• Android Tweaker Pro
• Battery Doctor 
• Beautiful Widgets
• BusyBox pro
• Camera Pro 
• Chrome
• Flash Light
• Lucky patcher
• Mobile Care by IObit
• MX video player 
• Nova Launcher / Holo Launcher
• Office Suite Pro
• Poweramp (Music Player) / Walkman / Rocket Music Player Pro
• SuperSu Pro (Obviously it is there in every rooted phone..)
• Tapatalk 2
• Teminal Emulator 
• Zooper Widget 

9 . MOBILE COVER: Well Last but not the least a mobile pouch or Cover for your Device coz Software can be somehow repaired remotely by asking people.. but hardware.. You don’t want that to be damaged !! ;D 

Links : 
Buy Flap Cover For Xolo Q800

10. Volume Increase:-

Dial *#443366# on stock dial pad and follow this trick to increase volume 

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