Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So guys here's a easier way to root and unroot andflash recovery on your xolo Q800 (without any pc).

(this method can be used on any mediatek device. Q1000,q700,q600...
But recovery for each device will differ except for q700
Here's cwm download link for Q1000 http://d-h.st/drQ )



Install framaroot

Select boromir now n reboot your phone.


Download twrp.rar from here http://www.mediafire.com/?d3vziu3dt2yr3hg

Locate twrp2.4.1.0.rar on your sd card n extract recovery.img using es file manager or unrar lite 

Copy recovery.img to root of your sd card.


This screen will come up select recovery.img n select ok, then reboot into recovery n viola your phone is rooted n you flashed twrp recovery too

NOW HOW TO GAIN BACK WARRANTY (i.e. Unroot n flash back stock recovery)
 Unrooting and flashing back stock recovery to gain back warranty.

Download stock recovery.omg from here: http://androidjugaad.com/showthread.php?tid=1783

Delete recovery.img if there is any already present in the root of your sd card, now copy this recovery.img to the root of your sd card

Now open mobile uncle tools and flash the stock recovery 

And reboot to recovery to check (you may skip this step)
Now open farmaroot app n select unroot option from the drop down menu and click on boromir.

And viola you've gained back your warranty.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥


A new alternative.
This time is based on the port official firmware Amoi N828 5.5 mixed with 5.6.

Works quickly, hardcoding much less, but a little less functional than the Custom V2 ...
Changes from the original port: - Russian localization, including the Russian T9 - Advanced Power Menu - A small correction logging - Removed left soft - 5x4 home screen grid - Root, ro.secure = 0, dexopt-wrapper, busybox, init.d and init. d.looped - GAPPS, ES Explorer - Fix buttons on your headset (for a detailed description of the changes in the Custom V2) - Autoruns Management in settings - Opacity in the launcher - Radio multi-station instead of 5 - slightly expanded menu Developer - Calculator of CyanogenMod10 - Gionee compass seems everything ... Installation: This time is even easier: Hat -> Manual -> Getting Root.

Only instead of SU use firmware
. All user data will be deleted download links: Mirror 2: http://d-h.st/9md Small fix: http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/3009084/Fix.zip (282.38 KB) Fix removal: http://4pda.ru/forum/dl/post/3009685/FiX2.zip (4.06 MB) PS WiFi Direct not working and USB internet also works the other hand, switching the storage can not recover data from other firmware! The only thing that is possible - this application. Restore SMS, contacts, settings, and other punishable by bugs!

S4 Themed Awesome XOLO Q800 ROM

S4 Themed Awesome XOLO Q800 ROM

the power of Samsung S4 framework

Star PIP + multi-language + optimized power

ROM test very good, :P

mutillanguage in Gionee GN708W

Chinese Brief: Porting mobile uncle Samsung N828 area high imitation S4 card brush ROM,

basically perfect, welcome!

LINK --> http://files.china-iphone.ru/312S4UI.zip

New link -->https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8fSOGC1-sgYdVVCSC1iTkhrbkE/edit?usp=sharing


Lewa new Rom by back37

Port of Lewa JYG4 14.06.13.

tested by Admins.

works smooth n quick ,

no native videocall ,

no GAPS, u need flash gaps(http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121212-signed.zip) .

Download link for rom :-> http://files.china-iphone.ru/222IQ446_4.2.1_LEWA_OS_from_JY_G4_signed.zip

u need to flash supersu thru recovery for root access
( https://www.facebook.com/download/575524759135802/UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.04.zip)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Volume Increase:-

Volume Increase:-
Dial *#443366# on stock dial paid and follow this trick to increase volume 

enter in to EngineerMode, plz be careful, do not change any data that you do not understand, or maybe cause many BUG and you device can not use.

How to increase ringtone volume for  mobile phone, after setting the follow steps successfully, reboot your device.

keep the How to increase Mic Volume audio-normal mode type-mic
level 6 is the max
level 1 is min
after setting finished, reboot your device

For some version rom, we can not save the level 6.  then follow this, only change the max vol to 160.

Shady contacts :- hide communication from specific contacts

With the help of shady contacts to hide communication from specific contacts or numbers. It’s a great app to pull someone out of your contact list and hide all traces of communication with them behind the shady contacts app.
You can move people, logs, and texts in and out of shady with little effort. It included more superior features. They are
·        You can hide messages and call logs away from others
·        Unlock code protection
·        To support holo theme
·        Restore call logs, text messages from to stock apps
·        Option to hide app from launcher
·        Auto lock, auto destroys and quick lock
Once you have added the selected contacts or numbers, all messages and all call logs with that contact disappear from the phones stock app. That the selected messages and call logs appear inside the shady contacts. Just download and use it definitely it is for your privacy control.