Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥

Alternative Custom V4 (by back37) smooooth n quick response ♥


A new alternative.
This time is based on the port official firmware Amoi N828 5.5 mixed with 5.6.

Works quickly, hardcoding much less, but a little less functional than the Custom V2 ...
Changes from the original port: - Russian localization, including the Russian T9 - Advanced Power Menu - A small correction logging - Removed left soft - 5x4 home screen grid - Root, = 0, dexopt-wrapper, busybox, init.d and init. d.looped - GAPPS, ES Explorer - Fix buttons on your headset (for a detailed description of the changes in the Custom V2) - Autoruns Management in settings - Opacity in the launcher - Radio multi-station instead of 5 - slightly expanded menu Developer - Calculator of CyanogenMod10 - Gionee compass seems everything ... Installation: This time is even easier: Hat -> Manual -> Getting Root.

Only instead of SU use firmware
. All user data will be deleted download links: Mirror 2: Small fix: (282.38 KB) Fix removal: (4.06 MB) PS WiFi Direct not working and USB internet also works the other hand, switching the storage can not recover data from other firmware! The only thing that is possible - this application. Restore SMS, contacts, settings, and other punishable by bugs!

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