Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 5 Tips To Save Battery for Android Mobile

Nowadays we all familiar with Android mobiles.While accessing the Android mobile we all are wish to access the multitask, so that’s why we need to save battery for android mobile. All well known companies mainly aim to produce our easy of access,requirements and needs with new technology.that allows users to access the games,play mp3,video and access internet.for all the purpose we need the best battery capacity.
We all know that save battery life for android mobile is the most important part in busy day to day lives.just imagine when you need to send an important mail or make an important call that the time your mobile give a warning message like “low battery” definitely irritate with your phone.certainly ,this article is to provide the best tips to save battery life for android mobile or tablet.We already discussed about in the previous session best battery saver apps for android.just give a look.

1.Turn off unwanted features like bluetooth,GPS,Wi-Fi
Mainly the biggest battery killer on our mobiles and smartphones are extra features like Bluetooth,GPS and Wi-Fi.because they are looking for possible networks,connections and details.we suggest you that when you need to access the certain features that time turn on the feature and do your work.the best way to save the battery life.

2. Customize your display screen brightness
The screen of your cell phone drains a lot of  its battery life.All cell phone and smartphones are have the auto adjust option to controll the brightness.you can adjust the brightness even lower to conserve more battery life.just try with this tips definitely you conserve your phone battery life and set the brightness to as low as  you are comfortable with.

3. Turn off push notification and data fetching
In our modern technology is having everything delivered to us instantly.suppose you send a sms suddenly you get a delivery report.the constant data checking keeps our phones from lasting very long.you can adjust your data fetching periods and push notifiction in your phone settings.it manual can make a huge difference in your phone battery capacity.try out this to ensure your mobile long lasting battery life.

4. Dont waste battery capacity while searching the signal
We all are very anxious to search the signal for make an urgent call  or to send a critical mails.depends our mobile signal is the another main part.We all familiar to know our mobile technology work in different network like 2G and 3G,.if you are in an area with a weak 3G network ,just deactivate the 3G network and go with 2G.we know all the networks has their own features but sometime its not properly coverage the signal.so dont follow the featured signal.its affect your phone battery life.

5. Keep your phone cool
Heat is the next killing factor of your phone battery.always we seen in some particular  areas,the mobile is put it in a overheating hot car.We must keep our phone in a cool place.its also better for mobile battery life.just avoid to keep your mobile on a hot place.try this and save your mobile battery.
These are the tips are definitely helps in future.just give a look for to improve the ideas.

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