Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top 10 Video Player For xolo Q800 .

Rock Player
Rock player is one of the best video <a href="#" role=button>apps for android</a>. With the help of Rock player you can plays almost everything faster, audio and video are synchronized perfectly. It includes the special features are:
· Rock Share- exchange files between many devices over Wi-Fi
· Progress bar reinvented
· It can support to play all file formats
· Customizable play control bar
· Media file management
· Network streaming
· Gesture control

Its user experiences optimized for touch screen. This functionality gets popular.

BS Player
The next is a superior video app for android that is BS Player. It is a media player for android devices. It supporting hardware accelerated video decoding. It includes the main features are:
· Support for almost all video and audio file type
· Audio pre-amplification
· Playback in pop –up window
· Playback media files
· Zoom and aspect ratio adjustment
· No advertisements

VLC for Android

VLC for android is play most local audio and video files as well as network stream. It is entirely free and open source cross platform multimedia player. With the help of VLC for android you can play most multimedia files as well as discs, devices and network streaming. It includes the features are:
· Play local audio and video
· You can browse folders directly
· For support multi-track audio and subtitles
· Support auto-rotation, aspect ratio adjustment and gestures control

Try it to analyze the app and download it in your android device.

MX Player

The best way to enjoy your movies with MX Player. With the help of MX player which supports multi –code decoding. It also has their own features like:
· Kids lock
· Pinch to zoom
· Multi-core decoding
· Hardware acceleration
· Subtitle scroll

The best video player for android that is MXPlayer. It is a hardware accelerated media player for android. It support all the file formats. MXPlayer se Hardware video decoder at various containers. Download and enjoy it.

Archos Video Player
This is entirely different from other video player app. This app is available for all android tablets and phones. This app is offers an uncompressed multimedia experiences. With the help of this app has the ability to play content from your computer, network storage, external USB devices. Feel their best for download and use it.

Plex for Android
The next video player app id Plex for android. It capable of organizing your media. It allowing you to view all your music ,photos and videos it allow you to get to online content from many of our favorite online provider.try it with your version and enjoy it

Dice player
The next fabulous video player app for android is Dice player. We suggest that who is looking out for good video app dice is the best. It also includes the best features are:
· Playback speed control
· Network support
· Subtitle format
· Support to play all the file format

Try with your version and enjoy it.

Vital player
Another good choice of video player for android is vital player. It supports all video and audio codec’s. This software provides smooth quality video display.try it with your version.

Mobo Video Player

Last and final video player for android is mobo video player. It support all the most popular video formats without any conversion. With the help of this app scans your phones videos and makes you easier to manage the videos. It support all the video formats and also support flash format videos.try it


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